Your Personal Branding Power Kit

Introduces How to Quit the Job You HATE and Find the Career You LOVE

Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps

Do you want more than a JOB?
Are you wondering if you’re in the RIGHT CAREER?
Are you feeling stuck on your CAREER LADDER?
Do you want to STRIKE OUT ON YOUR OWN?
Do you want to experience REAL SUCCESS?

How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps will give you the|writing an essay for college application DRIVE, CONFIDENCE, DIRECTION and|writing an essay for college application STRATEGY YOU NEED!!

Are you wondering how personal branding can help you achieve what you want? Do you think you don’t need a personal brand? That brands are only for big businesses or celebrities?

Whether you want to start your own business, find your dream career, or gain the position you crave in your industry… personal branding is the key to your unique success formula.


YOU ALREADY HAVE A PERSONAL BRAND. You already make an impression with everything you say and do, and everything that other people say about you. You already have presence, online and off, whether you are aware of it or not, in ways that you might intend and in ways that you definitely do not.

The thing is: if you don’t take charge of your personal brand; if you don’t make conscious and deliberate decisions about the message you put out there; your personal brand is always being created for you, in haphazard and potentially damaging ways.

OTHER PEOPLE RESPOND TO BRANDING. Branding is so powerful because people respond to personalities—not just the benefits of a product or service and it is other people who ultimately make you successful—by how much they connect with, like your brand and promote you.

People don’t buy-in to a brand because of a specific service, cost considerations or level of expertise: people buy-in because of emotional and personal connections that they then rationalize with logic and these other factors afterwards. They only make these connections when they sense authenticity. Whether you’re looking for a new position, a promotion, or pitching a product or idea, people buy into YOU and branding helps you put the best of you forward in an authentic way.

BRANDING ISN’T JUST AN ADVERTISEMENT: IT’S A LIFE PLAN. Personal branding isn’t about bragging about yourself or advertising yourself: it’s about understanding who you are, what you really have to offer and where you’re going. An authentic personal brand gives you the structure and strategy to build upon your natural strengths, focus on your true purpose, and set your course for professional success and personal development.

  “I just didn't understand what the branding game was about. Your program didn't just define it, it helped me FIND ME. That's the greatest gift of all, even at 72. Now I can finally help others find out how to redefine what it means to be ’retired’.” Rosalin Adelaide Smith, Sydney  

Do you want to experience the ENERGY AND PASSION, the WEALTH AND SUCCESS, the RECOGNITION AND SATISFACTION that top professionals, industry leaders and accomplished entrepreneurs do?

Do you think they have something you don’t? Luck? Genius? Backing? Drive? Bravado? Personal coaches and advisors?

How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps is your personal coaching program. This system helps you achieve all that you want out of life and more. I’ve put together the BEST OF MY COACHING TOOLS to help you discover and develop your authentic personal brand at your own pace.

Do you know what you stand for? Do you know what makes you stand out? Do you know what drives you? What makes you compelling to others? What you truly have to offer the world?

How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE will help you discover the answers to these questions. Developing your authentic personal brand will bring you PASSION, JOY, SATISFACTION and SUCCESS, in every aspect of your life.

How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps gives you everything you need to succeed:
Whether you are wondering what career is right for you, wondering why your career isn’t taking off, wondering how to stand out from the crowd in the eyes of recruiters, or wondering if you could be successful starting your own business; it’s never too early and it’s never too late to begin taking charge of your personal brand. How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE will help you, and everyone else, recognize your true value.

  “Your program helped me to see just how unaware I was about the truth; people knew about who I WASN’T just because I never defined WHO I WAS. When I started, personal branding was just another buzz word to me. Now I live by your guidance because it has helped me to know the answer to: ‘Who is Lily beyond being a wife and mom?’" Lily Moscarpino, Mom Blogger  

You don’t have to own a business to develop your personal brand; you don’t yet have to be a star in your industry; you don’t even have to be completely clear about the career you want!

That’s the BIG BONUS of personal branding: the act of identifying and developing what makes you unique clarifies your career path now and your future potential. Personal branding helps you determine what is best for you to do and the best way to do it.

“Personal Branding is a revolution in the way we manage our careers or businesses. It means identifying and communicating what makes you unique, relevant and compelling so that you can reach your goals. Personal branding means using who you are to get what you want from life.”

"What makes you unique, makes you successful"
~ William Arruda

This not only affects your attractiveness as a job candidate or business investment; it affects all of your relationships, your priorities, and the course of your life. It affects how connected, authentic and powerful you feel in your own skin.

When you understand what makes you UNIQUE, what makes you VALUABLE, what makes you different from others; all becomes clear. There is nothing more powerful and effective than true self-awareness: this helps you to make the decisions that are best for you and your life.

What makes How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE so UNIQUE and EFFECTIVE compared to other personal branding programs? It is based upon five foundational principles that help you build a truly authentic personal brand and better life.

  • Expertise: As a professionally-trained coach, I use every tool at my disposal to help you on your voyage of self-discovery. The real gift of this program is that I use my expertise to help you realize that|how much does it cost to get a business plan written YOU ARE THE REAL EXPERT in “YOU, Incorporated.” I will help you master the tools you need to become aware, proficient, to continually develop your personal brand, and forward Easy YOUR UNIQUE LIFE JOURNEY.

  • Awareness: Many personal branding programs don’t help people to really discover homework help ilc org science WHO THEY ARE, WHAT DRIVES THEM, or WHY THEY MAY SUCCEED OR FAIL. “YOU, Incorporated” isn’t just about creating a personal branding package that sounds good: it’s about creating an AUTHENTIC personal brand based on who you truly are and may become. What you’ll learn about yourself in “YOU, Incorporated” will do more than help you Create A Winning Personal Brand—it will help you to make better choices in every aspect of your life!

  • Incorporation: As you raise your level of self-awareness, you’ll learn how to incorporate what you learn into your personal brand and into your decisions, interactions, goals—life overall. The more you understand yourself, the more conscious you’ll become of how to make the most of your talents, turn your limitations into assets, accept, develop and celebrate the unique YOU. Your brand will have GENUINE IMPACT in countless ways because it will incorporate THE REAL YOU.

  • Passion: My passion is about helping you to truly succeed. My passion is about helping you to FIND YOUR PASSION. When you discover your true passion, work isn’t drudgery—it’s fulfilling and satisfying, it’s enjoyable, intriguing and fun. With “YOU, Incorporated,” you’ll discover that you can make money doing the thing you enjoy most and feel good about doing. You can feel as if you’re being PAID TO PLAY!

  • Competition: When you develop a TRULY AUTHENTIC PERSONAL BRAND, you’ll discover that the only online shop viagra REAL COMPETITION you have is yourself. You only need to become better than the help with school homework uk YOU that you are now. That is all that is really in your power to do, genuinely, sustainably, and successfully. With this program, you’ll learn how to BECOME THE STANDARD rather than race after the competition. You’ll develop a personal brand so unique, so YOU, that no one can possibly come close to offering what you do.

descriptive narrative essay help Are you ready to LOVE WHAT YOU DO? Are you ready to ATTRACT clients, employers, people who appreciate and value you, rather than CHASING AFTER THEM? Are you ready to achieve financial AND personal success? Are you ready to become conscious and CONFIDENT no matter what turns your life takes? If your answer is “YES!” then buy “How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps”today!!

Begin the Journey

I am sure you also thought of someone you know, love or care about, who would benefit from this program.

Recommend this program to two people you know and they will be able to get this program HALF PRICE and you will receive this AMAZING EBook “From Employee to Entrepreneur” value of $29 absolutely free!!!!

What will developing your personal brand with How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE do for you? It will:
  • Enhance your SELF-AWARENESS and your interactions with others
  • Provide clarity for developing AUTHENTIC AND IMPACTFUL GOALS
  • Help you to STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD within your network and target audience
  • Provide you with a STABLE AND VIABLE FOUNDATION no matter how life changes
  • Give you POWER and CONTROL over how you are perceived – placing YOU in the drivers’ seat of your LIFE!

Are you ready to:
  • Find the career you dream of?
  • Advance along your career path?
  • Discover how branding can help you launch a business?
  • Find confidence, drive, enthusiasm and direction for your life and career?
  • Discover your unique wealth and success strategy?
  • Begin living with passion, purpose and profit?
  • Love going to work every day?

When you download How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps, you’ll get instant access to 4 DYNAMIC MODULES that you can work on at your own pace. I’ve designed this program with laser-like focus, targeting transformation and authenticity from the inside out. While you may find some of these exercises challenging at the outset, you’ll find your progress accelerating towards that FINISH LINE as you increase your awareness and REMOVE OBSTACLES in your way.

You’ll develop the skills you need to WIN, to find the momentum you need to develop your authentic personal brand. You’ll learn what is truly UNIQUE, VALUABLE AND MARKETABLE, about YOU and begin building the career and life you’ve always wanted.

  “You hear it in business school, but no one tells you why, what it’s for, or more importantly, HOW - what you've done here - matters. Thank you.” Eddie Jordan, Singapore  

How does How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps give you free book editing services Dynamic DRIVE, Unbeatable CONFIDENCE, Targeted DIRECTION and help with writing a dissertation question Specialized STRATEGY?

Module 1:Dynamic DRIVE

need homework help Dynamic DRIVE is about discovering your CORE MOTIVATIONS, what really alphabetical order homework sheets drives you to progress in life.
This can be more difficult than you may think: it’s rather like peeling the layers of an onion to get to the core. You’ll have to uncover your true self, the one buried under a mountain of “this is what you should be, should do, should want, should achieve, and should aspire to” in order to lay a STRONG FOUNDATION for your personal brand and find the fire to power your journey.
Discovering color purple essay help who you really are, rooting out bibliography library what you really believe, and determining dissertation abstracts online economics what your values really are gives your personal brand powerful and vital foundations. This is what will catalyze and sustain your personal branding efforts, give your personal brand its initial form, and give your brand authentic appeal.

  “Everyone gave me the same advice: ‘Find the authentic you, and then begin your practice.’ Oksana’s program was the first to really show me how. For a recent NLP grad, what you deliver is the ‘big deal’ which made the difference." Ryan Tzesovich, M. NLP (Budding NLP Coach)  

Module 2: Unbeatable CONFIDENCE

kurt hovind thesis phd Unbeatable CONFIDENCE is about discovering your TRUE POTENTIAL.
After you’ve begun thinking in terms of your true self, you can begin evaluating your true strengths.
Not just skills you’ve learned, experiences you've had, education or the kinds of things listed on every résumé; but YOUR TRUE TALENTS, PASSIONS AND STRENGTHS, YOUR UNIQUE QUIRKS AND CHARACTERISTICS, your personality and the way you do things.
This is what helps make your brand truly unique so that you adobe creative suite 5.5 design premium mac STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD. You’ll begin to understand the exclusive value of your brand and identify the best opportunities for you. You’ll learn that leveraging your strengths gives you the best chance of success and the most satisfaction and you’ll learn how you may have been expending your efforts in roles and responsibilities that can only lead, at best, to mediocrity.
Rather than trying to be or do what everyone else does, you’ll become free to be YOUR BEST SELF. When you understand your value and potential, you can move forward with the kind of genuine confidence and sure-footedness that others will find compelling and assuring.

“Genuine confidence is a way of thinking about yourself and your abilities. Confidence is your perception of your own potential; it’s a kind of long-term thinking that powers you through obstacles and tough times, helping you solve problems and putting you in the way of success.” ~John Eliot

  “I can’t thank you enough! I was one of those people who unintentionally ‘fell’ into beginning a business I love, so I was surprised to hear my business coach tell me that I needed to create a powerful brand. Wasn't I the brand? I was looking for a coach to supplement what my business coach didn't know when I found your program. Thanks to you my personal brand has emerged, and I'm finally seeing the growth I want. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!" Sara Templeton, L.A.  

Module 3: Targeted DIRECTION

will you do my homework for me Targeted DIRECTION gives you the final piece of your personal brand.
Aligning your career efforts with your core values and utilizing your natural strengths gives you drive and confidence, but, PURPOSE is the final foundational piece of your personal brand. Purpose gives you direction in life and gives direction to your branding efforts.
You’ll determine how who you are and what you do is of value to others, how these serve something greater than you, how your brand fulfills more than just your ambitions and desires. You’ll learn that the GREATEST SATISFACTION in life comes from using your gifts to give back in some way.
A powerful personal brand is based on the unique constellation of characteristics that make you YOU, but it is only truly powerful when it is targeted to those who will benefit most from what you offer. You’ll connect your brand to the purpose it serves for others. Thinking in terms of bj pinchbecks homework helper your niche, your audience, Order Term Paper Online what they desire and what they will connect with, helps you finish giving definite form and direction to your personal brand.

  “My struggle was that I did not know how to create the status I wanted - and you helped me design the right plan to get there. Thanks!” Sara Loomey, US  

Module 4: Specialized STRATEGY Thesis Data Warehousing Phd Specialized STRATEGY is about what you do with your personal brand: HOW TO MARKET YOURSELF AND YOUR BRAND in the most effective way.
Now that you have discovered and developed your personal brand — it’s time to LAUNCH AND LEVERAGE it. Reaching your unique audience and shining within your industry requires specialized strategy — not simply doing what everyone else does.
This module helps you fill your personal branding toolkit so that your efforts are targeted to your specific audience. You’ll lay the foundation for the marketing strategies that will give you and your brand the GREATEST RETURNS.
“You are the chief marketing officer for the brand called you, but what others say about your brand is more impactful than what you say about yourself.”
~Dan Schawbel

  “As a seasoned senior executive, I understand the importance of branding. So you can imagine my surprise when I began looking for the right coach only to be faced with the daunting challenge of teaching those who ought to be teaching me. Your program was different. It provided me with the right platform to redefine my brand and launch a successful consultancy of my own. I know beginners could benefit from this as well, but I want to extend my gratitude because you challenged me to reach greater heights while making the idea of branding easy to understand.” Jeremy K, Global Consultant  

Taking charge of your personal brand puts you in the driver’s seat of your life. It gives you a source of SECURITY AND RESILIENCE no matter what may happen in your working world. It gives you a way to move forward in life no matter where you find yourself. It gives you the way to create a life of PASSION AND PROFIT.

WHY BUY “How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps”TODAY?
You may have contacted me before for a one-on-one coaching format concerning How To Get Resume Personal Branding. If so; you realize why I have created this 4-Step system.
My own schedule and the geographical, time and financial constraints of people like you have formerly been an obstacle between Bristol University Phd Thesis MY PASSION and YOUR DEVELOPMENT. I hope to change that with this program. You don’t have to sit on a waiting list to become my client. You don’t have to wait to begin creating a SUCCESSFUL PERSONAL BRAND. You don’t have to wait to discover your passion, your purpose or find the tools that will help you CREATE PERSONAL SUCCESS AND FINANCIAL WEALTH. I want to share with you, my expertise, so that you can forward your own journey and personal brand.

  “When I could not seem to find the time to have you coach me I was upset because you had coached several people I know, and I know you're the best. Even though you were thousands of miles away, I felt like you were speaking directly to me. This is brilliant!” Casey Franks, NYC  

I want you to succeed: that is my passion. I want you to avoid QUICK FORMATS, EASY SELLS, OR QUICK FIXES that end up damaging YOUR PERSONA and your career efforts rather than forwarding them. I want to give you real tools, to help you, in every way that I can. This program is a compilation of my coaching methods and an extension of me. You’ll get the benefits of a coaching relationship with me and my knowledge from wherever you are in the world, at a FRACTION OF THE COSTand AT YOUR CONVENIENCE.

I know that most people would tell you that this is a limited offer; but that’s not the case here. You can invest in How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps when you are ready to start creating a life full of passion and promise, when you come to realize that there is no reason to put off taking charge of your personal brand, when you are READY TO INVEST IN YOU.

Plus, I’m including a number of bonuses to help you create your unique success formula!! When you download How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps you’ll get these FREE GIFTS from me to you:

Bonus #1: FREE EBOOK Value of $49 What is Branding? Branding Strategy Makes Sense in Dollars.

Learn about branding facts and stats, the importance and prevalence of branding, and insights into effective brand marketing strategy. This ebook gives you a great overview of personal branding and brand marketing, and is a perfect introduction to How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps.

Bonus #2: FREE WORKBOOK: Success Strategies &Personal Effectiveness (Value $69)

This guide gives you practical tools and strategies to improve your personal effectiveness at work and at home, in your personal and professional life. From stress management techniques to goal-setting strategies Success Strategies &Personal Effectiveness Tools is packed with skill guides and exercises that will increase your well-being and chances of success.

Bonus #3: FREE WEBINAR ACCESS: Personal Branding Basics Webinar (Value $99)

Get guaranteed access to my Personal Branding Basics Webinar. Join me and a host of others as we go over the fundamentals of personal branding in this exclusive webinar. Webinars fill up fast but you’ll get a front row seat and get answers to your most pressing and challenging personal branding questions.

Bonus #4: FREE BRAND REVIEW ENTRY (Value $1,000): Personal Brand Evaluation Contest

You’ll be entered to win a free evaluation of your personal brand message. Every month, 1 lucky winner will be chosen to receive my personalized attention and expert advice. I’ll review your strengths assessment, niche research and personal brand message and send you a report containing my advice for your future efforts and refinement.

I’m so convinced that you’re going to benefit from How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps that I Personally Guarantee Your Satisfaction! If, after 30 days, you are still not closer to achieving and realizing your Unique Personal Brand, simply activate my unconditional money-back guarantee. You get to keep the Modules you have already learned from, because it is my mission to bring you all the information you need to experience the life you truly desire.

Begin the Journey

I am sure you also thought of someone you know, love or care about, who would benefit from this program.

Recommend this program to two people you know and they will be able to get this program HALF PRICE and you will receive this AMAZING EBook “From Employee to Entrepreneur” value of $29 absolutely free!!!!

I believe everyone should have access to tools that help them transform their lives. How to Quit the Job You Hate and Find the Career You LOVE: Career Success with Personal Branding in 4 Steps is one of these tools. When you download this program, you’ll be helping fulfill my own purpose and mission in life. I can’t wait for you to start creating a powerful personal brand and start living a life that you love.

Thank you for allowing me to fulfill my Personal Branding mission by downloading this program. Here’s to you and I living the authentic, empowered and successful lives that we each deserve.

P.S. – Should you prefer to work on a one-on-one basis with me to create your Personal Brand, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or read more about my personal empowerment coaching offers here.

Enter the draw to win 1 hour of one-on-one coaching with Oksana wherever you are in the world ! Your life will never be the same!

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