Transforming The Trauma of Abandonment


Do you want to make peace with your past?

It is not uncommon for those who have had early experiences of abandonment in childhood to re-live those feelings in relationships across their life.Those deep-seated, intense emotions can be provoked by situations such as relationship breakdowns, divorce or loss of a loved one.

In Transform the Trauma of Abandonment, created by Design Life in collaboration with experts on the subject, you will learn to transform your early abandonment experiences, freeing yourself from their continued effects, so that you can become emotionally healthy, experience optimal functioning and form trusting relationships.

In this innovative workbook, you will find safety from abandonment and hope for recovery. You’ll learn to transform troublesome thoughts, damaging beliefs, painful memories and negative feelings and sensations. You’ll learn to establish healthy relationships with others. If you want to truly leave the past behind you and experience trust and confidence in your relationships; download this ebook now.

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