Transform The Fear of Public Speaking – The Ease and Comfort of a Masterful Performance


Fear of Public Speaking is common even among those whose professions require such activities.

Actors, singers, musicians, athletes, and public speakers are among those who routinely feel the debilitating effects of stage fright. Full of dread, worry and fear—not only as you perform in front of others, but also as you anticipate doing so, stage fright can erode confidence, rob you of your ambitions and slam the door on your opportunities.

Transform The Fear of Public Speaking offers you all the information and techniques you need to transform your own fear into a self-assured and highly competent level of performance.
This workbook is packed with powerful exercises that not only teach you speaking techniques and skills to combat your fears; it helps you to instantly transform these fears so that you can perform with excitement rather than agitation, live with anticipation rather than dread and worry.

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