Create a Life You Love

Does your life feel

Like This?

Do You Want to Get Off the Hamster Wheel? The Tightrope? The Dead-End Road? Climb out of your Rut? Find the Passion You’ve Been Missing?

Or Like This?

Do You Want To Look Forward to Your Life Every Day?

Or Like This?

Feel Inspired and Energized?

You Can! With Create a Life You Love! Your 7-Step Life Mastery System

Do You See Yourself in the Same Place Next Year?

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With Create a Life You Love! you can start focusing your time and energy in
ways that really matter, on the things that will bring you joy and well-being, in the ways that will unleash your drive, harness your momentum and
generate more time and more energy than you could have
believed possible.

  Hi Oksana, thanks for checking in to see how well I’m moving from setting goals to taking action — the truth is that at first I struggled, because I didn’t follow your guidance. Now that I have, I’m accelerating toward my dreams faster than I ever imagined — thank you!”~Lauren Reynolds, LOA Coach  

Admission Essay Writing 10 Steps If you’re like many of my clients, you may be saying to yourself:

Dissertation On Assisted Reading “How do I create a life that I love if I don’t know what I really want?”
“I’m always setting goals and failing to achieve them — how will this program make a difference?”
“I don’t have a problem reaching goals but they don’t mean much in the end. I don’t see how setting more life goals is going
to improve my life.”

Create a Life You Love! isn’t simply a goal-setting program. That’s because goals aren’t the point. If you often fail at
reaching your goals, it’s likely that they aren’t really your own. Without realizing it, many of us are indoctrinated with goals
that don’t really reflect our deepest beliefs and values and don’t resonate with the life we really want to live. Goals can
become obstacles themselves when we use them to judge ourselves or if they’re not realistic or not resonant.
GOALS ARE CHECKPOINTS — NOT ENDPOINTS. Goals are meant to aid you in life — reaching them is not the point of your life.

In Create a Life You Love! you’ll discover how to use goals to manage your life plan not use them AS a life plan. You’ll peel
away the layers to discover your authentic self so that your goals resonate with you and provide you with real motivation.
You’ll learn to set goals that are meaningful and passionate. As you discover your authentic self, the life that you love will
become obvious and evident. Your dreams will lose their nebulous quality and your path will become visible and concrete,
unfolding before you like a rich tapestry.

Create A Life You Love! is a journey of self-discovery. When you unshackle yourself from the expectations of others, from
the limiting thoughts and deep beliefs that have held you back from knowing your true self and creating YOUR OWN LIFE,
you’ll understand just where and how to focus your efforts to become fueled by unstoppable momentum, to create the
kind of life balance that works for YOU AND NO ONE ELSE.

No more endless treadmill of thoughts, actions, and mediocre results. No more feeling as though life has passed you by!

What if you could experience your dream life NOW by following the powerful and priceless steps that I’ve taught my most successful clients?

Are you ready to grasp your life by the reins? Wake with eagerness and expectation every day? Leap into a life you love?

Take the first step by purchasing Create a Life You Love! Your 7-Step Life Mastery System today!

After you download the first module, you’ll receive the next every 14 days. I’ve arranged this program in easy-to-digest bite-sized modules so that your leap is underscored with a solid foundation. Honed to perfection through my work helping others, this system will give you the tools to begin cracking open the secrets to your own happiness.

  Hi Oksana, I’m not a millionaire — YET, but the gains I’ve seen financially, emotionally and spiritually tell me that what you taught me put me on the right path. Your advice is 100% sound. I just thought I would tell you so that you would feel encouraged to share this with others — because anyone who hasn’t followed this, can’t be experiencing the life of their dreams. Period. I can’t wait to see what you send me next!”~George Ferrist, Inventor and Investor  

What does Create a Life You Love! consist of?

Module 1: From Boredom to Board-Ohm

In Module 1 of Create a Life You Love, you'll create three boards: visual representations of what your life looks like now, what you'd like your ideal life to look like, and a chart of the obstacles that prevent you from realizing your ideal life. You'll keep track of how you spent your time for a week. You'll write down everything that you do, how long you spend doing it, and note accompanying thoughts and feelings.

Creating the life you love requires that you take responsibility for your life and for your own thoughts and feelings.You will then develop response-ability in terms of setting resonant and realistic goals and being able to adjust and respond to whatever comes in life.|entrance statement Visual representations can provide a type of clarity you could not have envisioned
and provide inspiration you could have never imagined.

Module 2: Freeing the Real You

In Module 2, you'll work on identifying your core values and recognizing how you might have been living your life by the values of others. You'll assess your time chart to see whether your life and energy expenditures reflect your core values. You'll also begin identifying your core strengths and interests, your abilities and aptitudes. In addition, you'll begin identifying limiting thoughts and beliefs that prevent you from creating the life that you love and come to understand the value of positivity.

This module can be difficult but it is truly enlightening. Many of my clients feel as if an anchor has been broken when they understand the things that have been holding them back, dragging them under. When you realize how you’ve been holding your breath, treading water, how your true self has been submerged, you’ll experience the freedom and enlightenment many others have, too.|master thesis data mining You’ll feel energized and empowered when you realize you can choose the beliefs, values, and guiding principles you want in your life
and discard the rest.

  You helped me to realize that I was holding onto my mother’s fear of dying — always asking me to run away from any opportunity. Now my life is flooded with opportunities and I can “sense out” the ones that resonate most with me.~Thomas Markanun, USA  

Module 3: From Clutter to Clarity

It’s hard to find a clear path and gain momentum when there’s too much “stuff” in the way. In Module 3 you’ll rid yourself of mental and physical clutter so that your way forward is clear, easy and comfortable.
You'll create a time graph involving all aspects of your life, giving weight to those that are most important to you. You'll look at how efficiently you manage tasks, learn how to eliminate tasks and delegate and make plans to function more efficiently.

This includes clearing your physical environment of clutter and arranging the areas in which you spend your time to be comfortable and hospitable to the activities performed there.

You will begin to create bridges from your present time chart to the life that you want, brainstorming small goals to get you closer to your ideal life. You'll set goals for each dimension of your life and every day; list five things that you've done to support each of these goals.

Dissertation Services Uk 112 You’ll be amazed at the “flow” you experience after this module!.

  “When I saw that you said, ”Let go and trust this is right for you”, I was in shock. While everyone else was telling me how I needed to look at increasing my resources - your program taught me how to get rid of unwanted ones - and it was your strategy that made the difference.”Paul Brighton, Executive Director  

Module 4: Passion, Purpose and Wealth

In Module 4 of Create a Life You Love, you'll focus more intently on your career, finances and personal growth. You'll learn to identify your passion and purpose in life so that you can better develop your action plans. You'll identify what you need to develop and what service you have to offer that will make the best use of your interests and skills. You'll brainstorm goals and milestones to strengthen the bridge between your life now and the life you want.

professional resume writers for it You’ll determine how much money you really need to be happy and how to do what you love
so that what you need flows naturally into your life.

Module 5: Connection

Module 5 of Create a Life You Love will focus on connections, those dealing with family, friends, community and romance. You'll identify who you want to build stronger relationships with and whose presence you want to limit in your life. You don’t have to put up with people who bring you down. You'll identify what types of people you have affinity for, what groups you want to become part of, what people will truly bring out the best in you. Sense of belonging and feeling part of something greater than oneself is a spiritual practice. money can buy everything essays You'll learn to define what spirituality means for you
and how your sense of purpose can enhance your spirituality.

Module 6: Filling the Well

In Module 6, you'll address your physical and mental health. You'll create an action plan to care for your body and your mind, begin developing healthy habits for both and eliminating negative habits. You'll learn to take charge of your thoughts and how to practice positivity. You'll also practice restoration and recharging, identifying the activities that pleasantly challenge and engage you, bring you peace and vitality, the activities that fill your well.

divorce persuasive essay You'll learn to schedule time for these restorative activities rather than checking out with television, internet-surfing or other life-deadening exercises.

Module 7: Your Master Plan

In Module 7 of Create a Life You Love, you'll put together your learning to create a master action plan. You'll revisit your boards, update them, and create more milestones and goals. You'll identify what habits, mental or physical, are still standing in your way and create a plan to deal with these. You'll check in with your feelings to see whether or not your plans are working for you or whether you need to re-evaluate your values, priorities and goals. You'll begin a gratitude journal and learn how this can increase your sense of optimism and affect your outlook on life. By the end of this module, you’ll achieve self mastery and life mastery. This can increase your sense of optimism and affect your outlook on life. write me an essay By the end of this module, you’ll achieve self mastery and life mastery.


My passion in life is to give everyone the tools they need to live the life they love. With Create a Life You Love! Your 7 Step Life Mastery Program, I can finally bring you the benefits of my experience and knowledge, give you the tools you need to create a passion-filled life, right in your own home or office. You can unlock your life at your own pace. And no matter how busy your life feels now — you’ll experience more time, more energy, and more satisfaction with your life as you work on these modules.

Clients from around the world pay more than $3,000 to experience this simple 7 step system first-hand.

You can see the same results for just $249.00!!

See a Better Tomorrow Now|entrance statement Begin the Journey

I am sure you also thought of someone you know, love or care about, who would benefit from this service. Recommend it to them now and they will receive 20% discount and you will receive 20% off any other product or service I offer and receive this fantastic E-Book “From Employee to Entrepreneur: Six Steps to Wealth, Success and Authentic Achievement” value of $49 absolutely FREE!

  Oksana, it feels like you’ve been there sitting beside me through your entire program. That truth is that what you wrote speaks to me — in fact, it’s so empowering that I found myself easily taking steps I never would have dared to take before — which has led me to MORE opportunities than I can handle. At first the success was overwhelming, but you told me how to cope with that too! You’re amazing — thank you for blessing me with this gift.~Adri Barrington, USA  
You’ll feel as if I am with you every step of the way, too. That’s because I’ve poured my heart and soul into this program and filled it with my knowledge and coaching skills. If you prefer a one-on-one experience, you can contact me about my personal empowerment coaching program and we can work together on site or through Skype or telephone.

When you purchase Create A Life You Love! today, you’ll also get 2 opportunities to meet with me and get any of your questions answered.

Bonus #1: Exclusive Q&A Webinar Access (Value $299)

You’ll get instant access to this year’s “Extreme Success on Your Terms: Creating the Life You Love Series” webinar where my closest friends, highest paying clients, and most beloved coaching students (you) spend a full 45 minutes sharing questions, getting the specific answers you need for your unique situation — and eliminating any final blocks to success. And, just because I want to deliver you the same results as everyone else who has followed this powerful step-by-step system, I will send you a free pass to this year’s event “How to Transform an Unlucky Year into the Life You’ve Dreamed of Now”. We’ll laugh together, cry together, and share as I help you find solutions to overcoming your most challenging barriers. (Limit: First 75)

  When I spent the $99 I’ll admit I was a bit concerned because I thought that I would struggle through the material, but you really touched my heart, and made finding ME so easy! The truth is that you came at the perfect time. Now I know what I want. Your webinar was WOW too. I can’t believe you let us speak to you personally. NO ONE does that!~Jason Gilbert, Sydney  

Bonus #2: Enter to Win 2 Hours of PRIVATE One-to-One Coaching (Value $299)

If you’ve read anything about me, you know that I’m well versed in more than just Creating the Life of Your Dreams. In fact, I’m considered an expert in Executive Coaching, NLP, EFT, and Personal Branding, just to name some of my most frequently sought after services. I want to offer you, and others that may not normally have the opportunity to do so, the life-changing experience of professional coaching. When you sign up today you will be entered into a monthly drawing for 2 hours of free, PRIVATE, one-to-one coaching, focusing on you and your goals and obstacles, no matter what they are or where you’re located.

I am sure you also thought of someone you know, love or care about, who would benefit from this service. Recommend it to them now and they will receive 20% discount and you will receive 20% off any other product or service I offer and receive this fantastic E-Book “From Employee to Entrepreneur: Six Steps to Wealth, Success and Authentic Achievement” value of $49 absolutely FREE!

Invest in your future today for a fraction of the cost that I charge for the same material within a
one-on-one coaching environment.

So whether you decide that you would like to take the first step on your final pathway to create a life you love now, or you feel like you might rather stay where you sit right now is up to you. Just know that I am grateful you considered being a part of my mission, and look forward to helping you create a life you love in the way that resonates most with your most-perfect self!

In Love
P.S. If you feel as though it might be easier for you to work one-on-one with me to create a life you'll love because you still have questions please contact me at [email protected] or read more about my personal empowerment coaching here.

If you, like many people, prefer to discover how to empower yourself and increase your dream-achieving momentum at your own pace, then you might like to get started with the Create a Life You Love program sooner rather than later. Remember, the sooner you begin the program, the sooner you will begin living the life you love!

Enter the draw to win 1 hour of one-on-one coaching with Oksana wherever you are in the world ! Your life will never be the same!

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